We help leaders map critical risks and 

make smart organizational investments

to deliver powerful business performance


How we help executive teams chart where smart organizational investments deliver powerful business performance
Organization design

Determine what structures will best unlock growth


Optimize your operating model and build airtight alignment

Achieve clarity so you know where to make critical people investments  (e.g. post-close, new market, at key headcount thresholds)

People, culture, and networks

Uncover and engage influencers


Strengthen bonds where collaboration across groups is critical


Cultivate balance of decision vs. voice rights


Align and strengthen executive teams

Agility, growth, and innovation

Map emerging megatrends to mine hotspots and avoid blindspots


Embrace agile beliefs and practices (iterative, empirical, cross-functional, focused, continually improving)

Increase capacity to experiment and learn at both individual and system levels


Innovation strategy for a cybersecurity company

“We recently acquired a cyber-security company. Alsephina Consulting helped us identify megatrends along the customer value chain, align resources, and narrow in on 2 completely new business opportunities which are very promising--we now have a full team to dig further.”

— Hamed S., Chief Operating Officer

Sarah Sonnenfeld
Principal & Founder
Alsephina Consulting, LLC

Sarah has led teams and advised clients at start-ups and some of the world’s most respected companies. Sarah began her career in sales operations and B2B client service in a venture-backed technology firm. She then worked on the corporate side, doing technology strategy and organizational effectiveness at American Express, Thomson Reuters, and Fidelity Investments.

Before founding Alsephina Consulting, Sarah ran the North America division of the People & Organization Practice at Boston Consulting Group. In addition to serving clients and leading practice operations, Sarah was on incubation and launch teams for multiple new businesses, including behavioral insights in change management (2016), Agile at Scale (2017), people analytics (2018). She led flagship conferences including a summit for 50 leading CHROs on new ways of working (2017) and on emerging trends at the intersection of organization design and technology (2018). 

Sarah lives in Boston and holds a BA from Harvard and an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth.

Alsephina is a newly named star in the southern sky. It means “the ship” in Arabic and was once part of a much larger constellation known as Argo Navis on which the Argonauts were said to have sailed. Generations have gazed up at the stars, weaving stories of their quests.
At Alsephina Consulting, we help companies connect-the-dots in new ways as they chart their growth. Our focus is on people, teams and organizations. We bring tools of organization design, behavioral science, people analytics, network analysis, innovation systems and classic human resources to understand and craft new stories as they are emerging.


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